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Stormy Weather

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Has the first big storm of the year reeked havoc in your garden? fence blown over, trees blown down, or the garden shed in bits!  We are already rebuilding and tidying up damage across Brighton and Hove, and sadly there are more strong winds to come.


Give Matt a call and we will get busy




Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Wow what amazing storms we have had of late…unusual for the dead of winter but then what strange weather we have had so far. Brighton and Hove has more than its fair share me thinks!!

So if you have had a fence blown over, a shed blown away or a tree brought down, ICAN can help

Email Matt on info@ican-homeandgarden.com or call 07894 665120 and we will load the van with tools and elves and come to the rescue.

enjoy the sunshine today my friends for the snow is on its way

best regards





Stay-Cations in your garden

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Holidays are great, but if you are thinking about staying home this year why not consider making your garden a bit more ‘holidayisc’ these are some of the improvements we have done for customers in the last year;

DAY BEDS & HAMMOCKS – a great way to chill out in the back yard and much more comfy than an cheap homebase sun lounger.

FIRE PITS – fantastic way to re-create that atmospheric outdoor natural warmth that you get in the Med

MEADOWS – plant up the back of the garden with wild flowers and long grass….lay back and watch the clouds roll by.

TREE HOUSE – they have a special place to dream and let the imagination wander, you can relax with a glass of wine on your leisure deck.

LEISURE DECKS – yes the leisure deck…..turn that scratchy corner of the garden into a sun trap, raised up and separate, add a pagoda…trail vines over the top and hey your in Greece!

ACTIVITY EQUIPMENT – we have sunk trampolines, raised zip wires and run climbing walls in gardens, its amazing how much time your gang can spend at home in the garden getting lost in a fantasy world when the right environment is in place, saves time and cash doing all those trips to Thorpe park too!

PONDS & WATER – bug ponds are very in at the moment, great for the children to study wild life, and running water adds to the natural soundscape the invites calm into your garden.

so there are a few ideas, we can and have tackled all sorts of garden projects for a range of sizes, even the smallest back yard can be tweaked to make it a better place to step into.

give us call at Ican if you fancy making your garden, back yard, or country estate into an ideal stay-cation location

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Our back yard needed extensive land scaping, matt and co. used a mini digger and plenty of muscle power. The end result is spectacular

Helen Hooper, Brighton