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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

I Have recently been attending to another batch of solar panel installations that have become the home to pigeons. The last job had a total of 12 pigeons in residence.

Its not that I dislike these feathered friends, but once they start nesting between the panels and roof,  the mess becomes a big problem.

pigeon mess

The mess was so bad at this one that the gutters were filled to overflowing with nest debris and pigeon poo, so much so that it had made the passageway beneath an ‘no go’ zone for the family….

side passage


I cleaned the debris away, and then secure the perimeter of the panels with steel mesh and thats the end of pigeon problems

In most cases scaffolding is not required and a 12 panel installation can be done in a day.

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Monday, January 26th, 2015

PV PIGEON NETTINGIf you have a problem with birds roosting under your solar panels, we can solve this by fitting our simple bird prevention system. It is 100% effective. Requires no scaffolding, and your panels retain their integrity.


contact Matt at ICAN 07894 665120




Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Thats the request we had from a customer recently……Jane Jones in Hove was being kept awake at night by the sky rats squawking from their lofty perch amongst her chimney pots.

The Ican Team came to the rescue and fitted a super strong cage to cover the entire cluster of pots, no more seagulls and Jane Jones can sleep peacefully also safe in the knowledge that the seagull poh has been cleared too.

We also fit bird prevention systems around solar panels, and bird spikes, netting and various other deterrents.IMG_0366

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Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Hello from Ican Home and Garden, I hope you have all enjoyed the lovely summer….last winter that went on for so very long seems a while ago now.  The forecasters are predicting another harsh, snow filled winter coming up so maybe its a good time to start planning those changes and improvements to your ‘nest’ so you can hunker down and  stay cosy.

Here at Ican we have a fantastic year, many interesting projects and have added a few more services to the big list, here are few we now offer;

REFURBS Whether you have a small flat you rent out as part of your pension plan or a large second home, we can offer a full refurbishment service to a very high standard or low cost, hard wearing rental specification.

WOOD BURNERS The ‘in’ thing just now, save money on paying the ridiculous energy prices, by opening up that old fire place and fitting a super efficient multi fuel wood burning stove. Ican do the full service, sweep the chimney, install stove and flue and sign off. They look great, work really well and mean you  get that real fire real flames thing going on.


WOOD DELIVERY To keep your wood burner going we can delivery kindling and seasoned logs!

FENCES Its windy…..has your fence blown down yet?

GUTTERING Good time to get the gutters, downpipes and drains cleared. If these are blocked it can be the first step towards damp problems.

DAMP Moving swiftly into the damp…..We have tackled numerous water ingress and damp issues due to last winters very wet conditions, there is a very logical approach to damp, please let us impart our knowledge and advice.  happy to take on any work in this field.

DRAFTS Up to 40% of your valuable heat can disappear due to ill-fitting windows and doors, it is relatively easy and very cost effective to get these sorted.

SASH WINDOWS We can also refurbish your lovely old sash windows too.

DECORATING If you’re tired of that burgundy bedroom, beige bathroom or lilac living room, then its time to splash out and splash on some vibrant colours. We can do a touch up in a top room, or a full redecoration.


FLOORS Take up that old carpet, sand and paint the floorboards….or put down a new carpet…or how about laminate flooring  or vinyl, or tiles, you get the picture

ACOUSTIC SOUND-PROOFING Our most recent project was to soundproof the floor of a very old and very beautiful, but very noisy victorian townhouse.  This involved removing all the floorboards, fitting high density rock-wool in the floor space, a layer of ply, followed by layers of acoustic foam barrier, chipboard and then refitting the original floorboards on top.  The result an 80% improvement in noise pollution, and a beautiful floor re-instated.

Celebrate the WInter months, and let Ican help!

Best Regards


Matt Blakeston


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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Indeed decking has been a big hit for some time, can look a bit twee in the wrong place, and its important to use good quality boards not the cheap stuff from the supermarket. Split levels, holes for plants, connecting pathways are an excellent way to break up a big area, and we always try and build in curves too.

The attached is a recent decking project with the signature ‘meandering path’  excuse the song….it had been a long (and wet) day.

Happy outdoors living friends





Damp, Damp and more Damp

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

As a result of last years terrible summer, the wet, windy Autumn, the coldest and longest winter for 98 years and now the slow starting spring of 2013, here at Ican we have seen a huge increase in case of damp in properties.

This prolonged bad weather has accelerated the disintegration of key parts of our houses, letting moisture in and causes those horrible stains on the walls and ceilings.

Crumbling firewalls seem to the number one problem area, followed by rotten facia boards, blocked and overflowing guttering, loose/missing tiles, and generally big gaps and holes were they should not be.

Then there is the moisture we create in our homes…..double glazing is great to keep the heat in, but it doesn’t allow the moisture out, as a nation of softies we don’t open the windows enough, we dry clothes indoors, and we shower constantly, with your windows tight shut where does that moisture go?

So top tip now that the weather is getting better, throw your windows wide and let some good old warm air circulate, do this often, and of course call Ican to get those stains sorted out.










Keeping Seagulls at bay

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Here in Brighton the seagulls have grown bigger and braver, it must be all the chips they are fed by the tourists.  They also venture further inland to roost, and when they are roosting, its quite a racket, they favor the nice cosy gaps between the lovely victorian chimney pots that so many of our homes sport. To keep the blighters away Ican have been fitting anti seagull cages to the chimney stacks in Westbourne Gardens

If you have a problem with savage  seagulls, pesky pigeons or barmy blackbirds give us a call.

Solar Power & Insulation

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Our first PV installation is done….now the paper-chase begins to beat the crazy new deadline set by the equally crazy bods in Westminster.  PV solar has created 200,000 new jobs in the last 18 months, its so green that all Eco groups support it, it could help reduce fuel poverty, so hey lets attempt to kill it stone dead, good work Mr Cameron.

The PV industry is fighting back, join a petition and lobby your MP, there is a less drastic way to move forward, lets face it if sensible people get involved there is always a better way forward.


A Jungle – in London?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

A previous customer whose back garden we had re-turfed 4 years ago decided to make their garden a haven for older children and grown ups – instead of a football pitch and home for climbing frames and toddlers. Naturally she called in iCan for help and inspiration.

Part one of the transformation was to design and build a large decking area, incorporating a wild pond, summerhouse and subtle lighting.

Part two – and the crowning glory – was to create a proper jungle to enhance the setting of the pond and summerhouse, and create a sense of mystery in the garden.

Three tons of soil, 68 jungle-type plants and 4 days’ hard labour later, this challenging project was complete to the satisfaction of all concerned!

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They even discovered an old dry stone wall rebuilt it and made it a feature. The whole garden is now useable by Dave, me and the girls, with lots of deck area to entertain on.

Lynne Trower, Withdean, Brighton